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                             THE HARMS OF HIZBIYYAH AND ITS DANGERS.

 Whoever possesses insight and a sound mind will realize that hizbiyyah is evil and a source of corruption on the earth, harm and enmity between the people. Now, I shall point out some dangers of partisanship in Islam, so come along with me:
1 That affiliation with a group and dissociation from others is a thing that is a matter of belief, therefore, this affiliation (walaa) and dissociation (baraa) is done for other than Allah. So, the people of hizbiyyah call to their groups and parties and not to Allah, glorified and exalted is He. Though it is not permissible in the religion to affiliate or dissociate from a thing other than what Islam dictates and to concentrate all one’s attention to a name or man or group as Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah mentioned in his fatawa.  And this is the apex of the hizbee in walaa and baraa. It is opposition to Allah and His Messenger SAW which is equivalent to hizbiyyah and Islam erases completely all this.
2 That hizbiyyah leads to enmity, fighting and hate between the hizbees, as the Messenger SAW explained in the hadith of Thawbaan RA. He said: “Verily, Allah contracted the world for me and I saw its east and west and verily, my nation will acquire its dominion. And I have been given the red and the white (gold and silver) and I asked my Lord that my nation should not perish due to famine and not to be overcome by an enemy, taking their money and my Lord said: O Muhammad! Verily when I decree a matter, it must surely come to pass. Your nation will not be overcome by famine, or by an oppressive enemy, taking away their money from their environs but they will destroy one another and take each other into captivity. And bear in mind O noble reader that:
1 The Khawaarij when they pledged allegiance to a man from amongst them, they declared the Muslims to be disbelievers, nay, they made the spilling of the Muslims’ blood permissible and taking their wealth, and Allah messenger confirms this in his statement: “they kill the Muslims and call on the idols” and they persist in this tribulation until this present day.
2 The Rawaafid when they started their hizbiyyah in Koofah and other places, they spread treachery and evil, and when they became stronger, they put an end to the Abbaasid rule. And what about the treachery of Ibn Alqamee upon a lot of the Muslims, and what the Muslims have faced from the varieties of punishment from the shee’ah of the past and present and their assistance of the jews and christians and other than them against the Muslims. And the dangers of these two groups on the Muslims are wide.
3 Verily hizbiyyah is an excuse for calling to Allah and doing dawah for his cause under the guise of membership to a particular group or society. Then look how hizbiyah conceals the membership today just as how they restricted it in the past.
4 The (weak) measure of uprightness in the eyes of those who practice hizbiyyah just as Hasan Al-Banaa said in one of his books (Majmooah-Rasaa’il): “We measure with the scale of our call (and none else), then whoever agrees with us, then he is welcome, and whoever does not, then we are free of him.”
5 The permission of hizbiyyah in Islam is opening a door, without a doubt, that allows upholding the symbols of Islam (apparently) but dividing it in reality. And how many do we see of misguided, nay, apostate callers who are surrounded by the Muslims, and only Allah knows their number, so they take them away from the light of Islam to the darkness of misguidance. And we see many of these groups rushing to parliamentary posts in many countries that do not rule by the law of Allah, nay, we see them entering into democracy and they seek large numbers even though these large numbers are upon a satanic call. “…shall we make the Muslims like the criminals, what is wrong with you? How judge you?”
6 Hizbiyah is a reason for the denial of the truth which is with the other party, and the people of hizbiyah wish to make their partisanship a substitute for Islam which Allah favored man with, for verily, hizbiyah makes the sight blind and the hizbee does not see the truth even if the truth is glaring. This corrupts the natural disposition and lessens the intellect and is tribulation for the Muslim nation.
7 And how many a group or sect is built on the raising up of politics for the reason of leading the Muslims but they reap nothing but the declination of the da’wah. And the greatest evidence of this is what transpires amongst the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria and the battles in the Middle East, and also, those groups that call to takfeer in most of the Islamic countries.
8 And how many a group or society ascribes itself symbolically to a ‘name’ and ‘symbols’ and by so doing, ascribe symbols alien to Islam to their society and what is worse, they make it compulsory on their members to adhere strictly to these names and symbols.
9 And how many a group or society conceals the truth with their disease of fanaticism and seeking to ward off calamities from their midst, and for this reason, they weaken the tawheed…as for the one who calls to the tawheed of Allah from amongst the scholars, then according to the hizbiyeen, he is a divider of the rank and a seeker of calamity. This is because tawheed is not the most important thing to them, rather, what is important to them is their love for politics and haakimiyyah (establishing the Islaamic state) and stirring up emotions in the people, which is the trait of the khawaarij, past and present.
10 Hizbiyyah promotes the affiliation of individuals to societies and groups in the form of “organizing a troop for the purpose of leading them” not for calling people to Islam and their goal is to transform the individuals with the purpose of enslaving the people not for calling to Islam.
11 Hizbiyyah establishes submission to rules by spreading beliefs amongst the people and preventing sound reasoning and criticizing those upon the truth

12 And how many groups and societies are there that turn the minds from the truth and gnaw at the body of the Muslim nation from inside, and separate the congregation and innovate in the religion by turning away from the Sunnah.

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